Holiday Party



Olive Garden

Olive Garden 2

Christmas Concert and Holiday Sing Outs

Christmas 2022 Concert Group

Marty, Susan, Kathy

Kathy, Linda DA, Linda D.

Jennifer and Shari

Susan, Jane, Brenda, Linda D., Dee

Susan, Marty, Nancy


Concordia Catered Living

Group Presbyterian Tea

Meadows rehearsal

Halloween Twins

SING OUT AT THE PLAZA October 20, 2022

Morada Sing Out     August 17, 2022

From Sing Out Aug 12 at two "House of Three" homes

House of Three, second visit. August 12, 2022
Thank you to our hosts for providing cookies, tea, and refreshing cucumber water.

Green the place to be! The chorus performed for the residents of Green Acres April 19th. A good time was had by all.

Fun Night

The Meadows